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Latina Keynote Speaker

“Deborah Deras is an international speaker, author and engagement coach. Charismatic, engaging and vibrant, she empowers diverse audiences with practical strategies to achieve peak performance. Highly sought out by corporations, nonprofits and universities throughout the country, Deborah is committed to elevating leaders across all sectors by teaching them strategies for personal and professional success.”


To contact Deborah Deras call, 310-945-5651.
For bookings call: Berenice Bonilla, Engagement Manager at 202-780-8171


Speaking Programs

Peak Performance: How to Achieve Your Goals With Less Resources
Are you overwhelmed by all the demands on your plate? Do you feel you are doing more but accomplishing less? Many people think that overwhelm comes from all of the external. The truth is we can only control our internal perceptions, expectations and reactions. In this interactive workshop you will discover practical techniques to lower your stress level, slow down your mind chatter, increase your focus and productivity.

Time Expansion: How to Achieve More with Less Effort
Are you overwhelmed by the demands on your time? Do you feel time is accelerating and you can’t keep up? Does it seem as if no matter what you do you can never catch up? This program will introduce you to a new way of approaching time that will boost your energy, increase your effectiveness and efficiency and give you more time for your life.

Maximize Your Potential
Do you feel stuck? Would you like to go to that next level but can’t seem to pinpoint what is blocking you? Often times our limiting beliefs and fears cause us to sabotage our own success. Executives, managers and employees at all levels will discover how to tap into the power of synergy to achieve more with less effort. Participants will leave with the tools to eliminate self-imposed blockages, boost their productivity and take their career to the next level.

The Balancing Act
Do you feel like a hamster on a treadmill? Are you constantly saying YES when you know you need to cut back? In our fast-paced society, we juggle the conflicting demands of career, life and family. We often achieve success at the expense of our true needs and desires. Self-confessed “adrenaline addicts”, Odunton and Deras, share proven strategies to achieve success without sacrificing wellbeing. You will leave with the keys to achieving balance and fulfillment in your personal and professional lives.

Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict: 7 principles to achieve success with less effort
Do you schedule every moment of the day? Do you find it near impossible to take a moment to sit still? Do you feel guilty if you are not constantly in activity? If so you may be an Adrenaline Addict. There is a myth that if you work harder and longer you will achieve more. The truth is this is only true for a limited time. In the long run you stress out, burn out and may be forced to opt out because of stress related illnesses. This program gives you a step-by-step recovery system to achieve success without sacrificing your health and wellbeing.

Deborah can also customize a program for your groups needs. She speaks to Small Business audiences on:

1) Best APPS to save time, energy and money

2) How to Market Your Small Business on A Dime

3) Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Business

4) How to Get Your Business on The First Page of Google

5) How to Create a Marketing Plan

6) How to do More With Less Effort

7) Time Expansion and much more

To book call Berenice Bonilla: 202- 780-8177


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