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Are you coordinating an event or conference and want to create a memorable experience that exceeds the expectations of your audience?

Would you like to book a speaker that is also a counselor, professor and facilitator and knows how to engage even the toughest audiences?

Deborah Deras, M.S., C.R.C. is a charismatic, engaging speaker full of wisdom and practical strategies to help your participants achieve peak peformance.

Listen to what people are saying about Deborah Deras.

Society of Hispanic Engineers Event

National Latina Business Women’s Association Event

Keynote in Hartford Connecticut at a Women’s Conference

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deborah derasBIOGRAPHY:

Deborah Deras is an Inspirational Speaker, Author and Spokesperson.  She is committed to empowering leaders with the strategies to be successful and achieve peak performance in all areas of their lives.

Deborah has a Masters Degree in Counseling and facilitates classes in Executive Leadership for UCSD, Rady School of Management.

confessionsbookShe co-authored a book, Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict that has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of  “type A plus” personality types seeking answers to deal with overwhelm, frustration, anxiety and lack of overall fulfillment in their lives.


deborah derasDeborah has shared invaluable and insightful advice and has appeared in hundreds of television, radio and print interviews both in English and in Spanish.  She is also a contributing writer and guest bloggers for numerous publications and online blogs and was featured in Catalina and Latina magazines. She is also a contributor to Ella Institute for Latina Leaders.

Deborah is a sought after corporate trainer with an extensive client list of Fortune 500 organizations such as:  J.P. Morgan, Macy’s, New York Life Insurance, State Farm Insurance, Apollo group, British Petroleum and Kaiser Permanente Healthcare.

New York Life Insurance, awarded Deborah a commendation for her inspiration and contribution to empowering Latinas, May, 2013. The National Latina Business Women’s Association also declared her as one of their Women of Excellence recipients for 2013.



She served as the spokesperson for an English Speaking Hispanic Market campaign with Verizon Wireless educating and empowering Hispanic Entrepreneurs and Professionals on How to use Technology to save time, energy and money.

She has served as a brand ambassador and spokesperson for the Hispanic community both behind and in front of the camera for campaigns both in English and Spanish for Pacificare, Zest Soap, State of California Department of Rehabilitation and Verizon Wireless. She is currently the brand ambassador for CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL- Latino Division.

Deborah’s vision in life is to assist professionals to achieve peak performance while fulfilling their life purpose. She loves being outdoors, on the beach and attending outdoor concerts. She resides in Santa Monica, California.


Peak Performance: How to Achieve Your Goals With Less Resources
Are you overwhelmed by all the demands on your plate? Do you feel you are doing more but accomplishing less? Many people think that overwhelm comes from all of the external. The truth is we can only control our internal perceptions, expectations and reactions. In this interactive workshop you will discover practical techniques to lower your stress level, slow down your mind chatter, increase your focus and productivity.

Time Expansion: How to Achieve More with Less Effort
Are you overwhelmed by the demands on your time? Do you feel time is accelerating and you can’t keep up? Does it seem as if no matter what you do you can never catch up? This program will introduce you to a new way of approaching time that will boost your energy, increase your effectiveness and efficiency and give you more time for your life.

Maximize Your Potential
Do you feel stuck? Would you like to go to that next level but can’t seem to pinpoint what is blocking you? Often times our limiting beliefs and fears cause us to sabotage our own success. Executives, managers and employees at all levels will discover how to tap into the power of synergy to achieve more with less effort. Participants will leave with the tools to eliminate self-imposed blockages, boost their productivity and take their career to the next level.

The Balancing Act
Do you feel like a hamster on a treadmill? Are you constantly saying YES when you know you need to cut back? In our fast-paced society, we juggle the conflicting demands of career, life and family. We often achieve success at the expense of our true needs and desires. Self-confessed “adrenaline addicts”, Odunton and Deras, share proven strategies to achieve success without sacrificing wellbeing. You will leave with the keys to achieving balance and fulfillment in your personal and professional lives.

Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict: 7 principles to achieve success with less effort
Do you schedule every moment of the day? Do you find it near impossible to take a moment to sit still? Do you feel guilty if you are not constantly in activity? If so you may be an Adrenaline Addict. There is a myth that if you work harder and longer you will achieve more. The truth is this is only true for a limited time. In the long run you stress out, burn out and may be forced to opt out because of stress related illnesses. This program gives you a step-by-step recovery system to achieve success without sacrificing your health and wellbeing.

Inclusivity: Finding the Unity in Diversity
Drawing on the cross-cultural nature of their life experiences and partnership, Odunton and Deras offer personal stories and interactive exercises to entertain, inform and give your audience tools to create a diverse and productive workforce. You’ll leave this dynamic duo armed with entertaining and practical techniques that revolutionize how you conduct your life and accomplish your goals.

deborah derasDeborah’s clients include: Verizon, Kaiser Permanente, State Farm Insurance, J.P., Morgan, Macy’s,  University of Georgia, University of Nebraska, Farmers Insurance, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality, British Petroleum, University of Phoenix, Caltech and many more.

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I have heard Deborah speak in a few different realms and I love her conversations she speaks about positivity and productivity. I highly recommend her to all the companies I serve.
- Ena Alcaraz, Franchise Owner, State Farm Insurance

Deb came to my department she totally transformed the energy of 25 of my employees. My employees were ecstatic by her presentation. I highly recommend Deborah for your services you will be changed I guarantee it.
-Gabby Galvez, Administrator, Kaiser Permanente 2/2012 http://youtu.be/fqdmgOFVqVs

Her message is a soul to another soul. It is speaking to the purpose to every life. Whatever stage you are at she will give you the information that you need.
- University of Nebraska student after a standing ovation at Deborah’s keynote address 4-2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvQ1Wnj_eCY&feature=related

“Deborah’s presentation was invigorating and motivating it helped me “remember” things I know and skills I have. Her presentation gave me the inspiration to start using them to start my goals.”

– Laura Croal, Ph.D., Caltech

“Your presentation was a revelation moment for me. It had an positive impact on my perceptions, expectation and reactions. I definitely changed my ability to deal with the now.”
-Felix Ramirez, Ernst and Young

Great seminar. Learning about the power of choice and the power of now and how my reactions and decisions helped me tremendously.”
–Scott Quintero, VP of Merill Lynch

“This was a very inspiring session that will help me regain the focus on my priorities and the NOW!”
–Jose Campos, Deloitte and Touche

“Deborah’s programs are high energy, engaging and provides essential strategies to assist her audiences boost productivity and increase leadership skills.”
 Jessica Asencio, J.P. Morgan

Deborah is also available to be a spokeperson to get our brand out to the Hispanic market. Contact Emily Schuck, Client Care Coordinator at 310-945-5651.

Clients include: JP Morgan, State Farm Insurance, Farmers Insurance, ALPFA, Apollo, HOPE and Emory University, University of Georgia,Minnesota State University, University of Nebraska.

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