Latina Motivational Speaker.

She creates real transformation in her audience.

Her positive energy is contagious.

Peak Performance. Productivity. Transformation. Encouragement. These are the results that audience members receive from motivational business speaker Deborah Deras. Her audiences leave with tools, strategies, and inspiration to achieve their goals.

Deborah’s charismatic energy ignites the passion within audiences of all ages and diverse backgrounds because she connects with them at the core level of what everyone wants to make a difference in the world using their unique talents, skills, and abilities.

Deborah is a force.

A successful, Latina businesswoman, Deborah Deras is one of the nations top Latina speaker coming in fourth place out of 1000’s of candidates in North American’s next greatest speaker. She’s also a Latin Business Association nominated Latina Business of the Year as well as the National Latina Business Women’s Association.

Deborah Deras is a sought-after international keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and breakout workshop facilitator at national conferences in the arena of productivity, stress management, and leadership for over 15 years. She was selected by eWomen’s Network as the top 15 for North America’s Top Speaker 2012. Hispanic Lifestyle named her Latina Influencer of 2017. New York Life, the Latina Business Association, and National Latina Business Women Association have also recognized her leadership skills.

Deborah has facilitated keynote speeches, and board retreats for Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble, J.P. Morgan, Kaiser Permanente, Macy’s, State Farm Insurance, New York Life Insurance, JPL (Pasadena), NASA (Houston), General Electric, and British Petroleum. She has also facilitated leadership training for all military branches. She has served as a regional spokesperson for Verizon’s Hispanic Campaign working alongside Eva Longoria, presenting technology workshops to Hispanic entrepreneurs around the Pacific Northwest region.

Her book, Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict: How to Achieve More with Less Effort, contains powerful strategies to increase productivity in the workplace. She has also written several eBooks on How to Manifest Your Goals Faster & Easier and 5 C’s to go from Likes to Sales with Social Media Strategy.

Deborah facilitates high energy, dynamic and interactive programs with practical tools to help audiences to prioritize time, optimize energy, and ultimately maximize their potential. Her entertaining delivery and interactive style educate audiences while keeping them captivated and engaged which increased retention and ultimately application of concepts into real world results.


Popular speaking programs are:


Maximize Your Potential: How to Achieve Your Goals with Less Resources

Are you having to do more with less resources? Is morale wavering because of all the changes and uncertainty? During this powerful keynote or breakout workshop, participants will discover how to take ownership of what they can control and adjust their mindset to set themselves up for success. Participants will learn a four-step formula to take any challenging situation or challenge and find the lesson to help them grow and develop. As a result of this dynamic presentation, participants will lower their stress levels, reduce their negative mind chatter and increase their focus and productivity.

Going Beyond Diversity to Create an Inclusive & Cohesive Workforce

Is your company struggling with issues around diversity? Would you like to create a more effective environment where the staff is productive and working cohesively as a team? We live in an increasingly diverse world in spite of our differences we are more alike than we are different and our unique gifts make us a more powerful workforce. In this keynote or breakout workshop, the audience will shift their perception from isolating themselves because of perceived differences in identifying the commonalities and learning how to discover the inclusivity amongst the diversity.

Authentic Connection: How to Attract Not Promote for Power Networking

We all know our network is our network but it is not just who we know but who knows us and will be able to refer us business or career opportunities. In this interactive workshop participants will develop a 15-second elevator pitch using Deborah’s 4 step easy to follow a formula, discover the 6 steps to attract easily whether you are an introvert or extrovert. Participants will leave even more confident to grow in their businesses or careers. She believes with the power of Synergy anything is possible.



Keynote Programs

Your business can transform likes to Sales, Shares to Raving Fans, and Comments to Customers.

Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming- from posting to monitoring comments, to creating content. As busy small business owners we need to be efficient, lean, and ensure that our efforts lead to profit.

Deborah Deras, Social Media Marketing Trainer, for the Southbay SBDC, has used her Social Media knowledge to grow her small business and to coach hundreds of small business owners to replicate her techniques to increase revenue in their businesses.

In this workshop, you will learn how to authentically connect and create compelling messaging on Social Media to develop lasting relationships that go beyond transactional customers to create a tribe of devoted followers to grow your business for success with ease and grace.

Participants will discover:

  • How to choose which platform you need to have a presence on.
  • When to post and how to use time saving techniques to post on multiple platforms.
  • How to promote and sell to fans who love you.
  • How to get your raving followers to invite more followers.
  • How keywords, hashtags and free search engine optimization are vital.
  • How your website, email and text campaigns can be integrated into your strategy for quantum results.
  • All attendees will receive a copy of Deborah’s latest ebook on 5 C’s of Social Media Marketing Success.

The biggest fear that most people have is public speaking. The ability to be able to powerfully deliver a message is vital for success both professionally and personally.  Deborah shares her 15 years of professional experience to help professionals to present at meetings, captivate an audience or connect with potential clients on camera.

Participants will discover:

  • 3 techniques to calm your nerves before a big presentation.
  • How to captivate any audience.
  • Deb’s method for delivering a heartfelt speech that inspires action.
  • How to leave an unforgettable impression.
  • How to get your audience to want even more.

The biggest challenge we have in achieving peak performance is our own inner self-talk which, if we are not vigilant, can sabotage our success. Deborah uses her 15 years of experience coaching executives and entrepreneurs to get to the root cause of self-sabotage, make our ego our amigo, and set ourselves up for success.

  • Discover 4 steps to turn a goal into manifestation faster and easier.
  • Get out of your own way and achieve your goals faster.
  • Overcome fear in 3 steps and become a limitless achiever.
  • Tune in to use your intuition to improve your creativity, innovation, and peak performance.

*All participants of this program also receive a free copy of Deb’s Ebook on 6 steps to manifest faster and easier.

Do you feel stuck? Would you like to go to that next level but can’t seem to pinpoint what is blocking you? Often times our limiting beliefs and fears cause us to sabotage our own success. Executives, managers, and employees at all levels will discover how to tap into the power of synergy to achieve more with less effort. Participants will leave with the tools to eliminate self-imposed blockages, boost their productivity, and take their career to the next level.

  • Identify your limiting beliefs that sabotage your success.
  • Discover a process to get rid of your negative self-talk and counter productive behaviors.
  • Access a tool to keep you aligned with your power in 60 seconds.
  • Learn four rules to live by that will stop energy vampires in their tracks.

*All participants in this program will receive a copy of Deborah’s eBook: 6 Steps to Manifest Faster and Easier.

We all know it is not what we know it is who we know. As busy professionals and entrepreneurs, our greatest asset is our time and energy. How can we make efficient use of our time and energy by networking that results in sales? Deborah is the master at working the room and will share with participants:

The 5 keys to networking success

  • A 4-step formula to design a compelling elevator pitch in 15-30 seconds.
  • The personality types in the room and how to communicate with each type.
  • How to work the room and politely move on to the decision makers.
  • How to deliver your pitch anywhere to anyone with confidence.

*All audience members receive Deb’s free Ebook on 5 Keys to Networking Success.

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